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  • Game meat on the piercing - half as wild?

    Although piercings are beautiful, they are also a deliberate injury to the skin, which can result in gamey flesh forming. In this blog post we will explain what a keloid is, where it comes from, what symptoms can occur and how to treat it. 
  • Overgrowth of piercings - what you need to know!

    Do you want your piercing to grow back and can't wait? Or: You definitely don't want your piercing to grow, but you need to take it out for a while for a specific reason? In this blog post we will tell you everything you need to know about piercing piercing canals.
  • This is how you change your initial jewelry

    Your new piercing has finally healed and are you ready to replace it yourself for the first time? So that you don't go wrong when exchanging your piercing, we have put together a few tips for you here.
  • Intimate piercing for women - all information in our FAQ

    In this blog post we briefly and concisely answer the most frequently asked questions about intimate piercings for women. Please note, however, that if you have any further questions, you should consult your piercer.
  • What types of piercings are there?

    In this blog post we offer you an overview of the most well-known types of piercings. In our Piercing shop you will find the right jewelry for all these parts of the body.
  • Change piercing - We'll tell you the right time!

    Patience is required after getting your new piercing, as the healing process can take weeks to months. We'll tell you here how long you should wait before you can change your initial jewelry. 
  • What material are piercings made of? These are the most common materials

    Photo: Kilian Seiler/ Piercings have been popular jewelry and an expression of individuality for centuries. Whether pierced ears, noses...
  • Answers to the most common piercing questions

    Photo: Leeloo Thefirst/ Which piercing hurts the most? The sensation of pain can vary from person to person, and it...
  • Great piercing ideas for men and women

    Photo: Maiza Campos/ Piercings have been a fascinating and creative way of expressing one's body for centuries. In many...
  • Piercing pain: which piercings hurt the most?

    Photo: Carlos Román Ruíz Basulto/ Piercings are becoming increasingly popular. But which ones cause the most pain? This is at the over...
  • Which piercing suits me?

    Photo: Elisia Badaró/ Piercings are not just body jewelry. They have a long tradition in human history. Your...
  • Piercing won't open: The following tips can help

    Photo: Maiza Campos/ Piercing wearers often tend to panic right away if their piercing doesn't open...
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