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More than just body jewelry

Piercings are more than just body jewelry - they are Expression of personality, creativity and individuality. The fascinating world of piercings offers one wide range of possibilitiesto underline your own style and taste. From subtle accents to bold statements, piercings are one form of art, which lives on the human body.
In this introduction we'll get into the exciting Variety of piercing types immerse yourself, the of Ear piercings to facial and body jewelry are sufficient. We will the different types of piercings to give you a comprehensive insight into this multifaceted world. We would like to help you with the specific types of piercings correct sizes to choose by giving you the information from our wealth of experience common diameters and thicknesses recommended for the respective piercings. Whether you're a seasoned piercing enthusiast or just getting interested in this fascinating topic, our journey through the world of piercings is designed to give you one helpful overview offer and inspire you.
The following overview gives you an insight into the most common piercing categories. Note that there are numerous variations and styles within each category. Before piercing, it is important to do your research to make the right choice for your individual style and body type. That's exactly why we offer this Guide! If you are not sure, please write to us or contact a professional piercer near you.

Ear piercings 

Let's start with the categories and dThe first and most important category is Ear piercings! Ear piercings usually include the following variants:
An Lobe Piercing is a very common and simple ear piercing that involves piercing the earlobe. Lobe piercings are very popular due to their versatility and can take on a variety of forms as pieces of jewelry. Most people also know you as Earrings, stud earrings, hoop earrings or in the stretched form as Tunnels
An Helix-Piercing is an ear piercing in which a small piercing channel runs through the cartilage on the upper part of the ear. This branch canal is often decorated with a Rings, (Labret) rod, plug or even a small one horseshoe which adorn the outer part of the ear, but the position can vary. In addition to the standard, there are a few below additional variants of the helix:
    • Double helix piercing make  two helix piercings that are usually placed next to each other or slightly offset. They can be worn on the same side of the ear or on both sides.
    • Triple helix piercing means three helix piercings placed in a line along the upper ear.
    • Forward helix piercing is pierced in the front area of ​​the ear cartilage, closer to the auricle.
    • Inner Helix Piercing located on the inner side of the upper ear cartilage, closer to the auricle. 
An Tragus-Piercing is an ear piercing that is pierced through the small, protruding area of ​​cartilage just in front of the ear canal, known as the tragus. This piercing can be decorated with a small bar or ring and is for his conspicuous position and the ability to wear custom jewelry popular.
An Conch-Piercing is an ear piercing through the flat, wide cartilage area center of the ear is pierced, which has the shape of a shell (conch). This piercing can either be in inner conch (near the auricle) or in outer conch (more prominent). It can be decorated with various jewelry, such as Studs, Rings or Barbells, and is known for its versatile design options and the ability to wear eye-catching pieces of jewelry.
The  Rook-Piercing is pierced through the small fold of the inner ear cartilage, which is located between the inner conch and the ear canal. This particular area requires a little more skill and precision when piercing as the cartilage in this area is quite thick. A typical rook piercing is often done with a curved barbell / banana or a little Ring adorned that penetrates the Rook fold. This piercing is characterized by its unusual position and striking appearance. It is popular among piercing enthusiasts as well as people looking for something unique.
The  Daith-Piercing is placed horizontally in the so-called Daith fold, a small fold of cartilage in the innermost area of ​​the auricle. Like the Rook, the cartilage in this area is relatively thick. Typically a ring or banana is used. An interesting aspect is that some people report that this piercing can provide relief from migraine pain, but this has not been scientifically proven.
An Industrial-Piercing is a special type of ear piercing that involves piercing two separate holes in the upper ear area that are connected by a single bar or barbell piece of jewelry. This piece of jewelry stretches horizontal over the upper ear and gives the piercing its characteristic look. Since they go through two separate puncture channels, they require longer healing and careful care.
An Snug-Piercing is pierced through the ear cartilage and is located approximately parallel to the inner conch in the inner cartilage recess, which runs parallel to the outer edge of the ear.
The prerequisite for this piercing is that the area of ​​the ear in question is sufficiently pronounced. Healing time is usually between 3 and 8 months and may take some time as pressure is typically placed on the area when sleeping.

Facial piercings

Facial piercings usually include the following variants:

An nose piercing is a form of body jewelry in which a piercing is placed through the skin or cartilage in the nose. This piercing is widespread in different cultures and societies.
There are different types of nose piercings including Nostril piercings (nose wing), Septum piercings (through the thin separating tissue between the nostrils) and Bridge piercings (above the bridge of the nose). The pieces of jewelry that are in Nose piercings used vary from Rings and curved bars to plugs.
An Lip piercing is a popular facial piercing that can be placed in various locations in the lip region. Here are some of the most common types of lip piercings:
    • Labret piercing: The labret piercing is placed in the middle of the lower lip. It can be stung inside the mouth (lip frenum) or externally. This piercing can be worn with various pieces of jewelry, such as labret studs or rings
    • Monroe piercing: Located on the side of the upper lip, the Monroe piercing mimics the position of a beauty mark often associated with a Marilyn Monroe look.
    • Medusa piercing: The Medusa piercing is placed in the middle of the philtrum (the depression between the nose and upper lip). It emphasizes this region and can be decorated with small studs or rings.
    • Snake Bite Piercing: A snake bite piercing is a double piercing on the sides of the lower lip. It is reminiscent of the bite wounds of snakes and is often stung in pairs.
    • Angel bite piercing: The angel bite piercing is a double piercing in which two points above the upper lip are pierced.
    • Dahlia piercing: This piercing is located in the corners of the mouth which gives it a unique look.
    • Jestrum piercing: The jestrum piercing is pierced through the upper lip and exits on the opposite side of the upper lip. This creates a unique effect.
    The Tongue Piercing is a popular piercing that involves piercing the tongue. This piercing can be placed in different places on the tongue. The most frequently chosen position is the middle of the tongue (central piercing). At the Venoms (double piercing) Alternatively, two piercings are pierced on the side of the tongue, often in a symmetrical arrangement.
    The  Frenulum (underside of the tongue) Piercing is often done on the underside of the tongue near the frenulum.
    Jewellery: Typical jewelry for Tongue piercings is an elongated rod (barbell), which consists of a straight rod with balls at the ends. The balls ensure that the jewelry does not slip into the mouth. Barbell bars come in a variety of lengths and materials, including surgical steel and titanium. 
    An Cheek piercing is a piercing that is usually placed in the cheeks or cheekbone area. 
    Placement: Cheek piercings are usually done horizontally through the cheeks or cheekbones. They can be worn on one side or on both sides. Jewellery: Cheek piercings are typically done with straight ones Barbell bars adorned that run through the cheeks. The ends of the rod are usually flattened or balls. 
    The Eyebrow piercing is placed through the eyebrows. The exact position may vary depending on individual taste. A common location is along the outer part of the eyebrow. Jewellery: Typical jewelry for eyebrow piercings is a straight barbell or a Clicker ring

    Body piercing:

    Body piercings usually include the following variants:

      An nipple piercing shall placed in the nipple. It is a popular form of body jewelry that emphasizes the nipple and can serve aesthetic or erotic purposes. Here is some important information about nipple piercing:

      Placement: Nipple piercings are pierced through the nipples, usually horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The exact placement depends on individual preferences. Jewellery: Typical jewelry for nipple piercings are curved or straight barbell bars that run through the nipple. The ends of the jewelry can be flattened or balls. 

      An Belly Button is a form of body jewelry in which a piercing is placed at or around the belly button. The piercing can be worn in a variety of shapes and styles, including curved bars, rings, or other jewelry placed on the belly button region. Healing time may vary, but it typically takes a few months for the piercing to fully heal

      Bar thickness and diameter of piercings

      So that you get a better overview of what bar thickness your piercing hole has - deviations are of course always possible - we have created a table here with the most common sizes. You can match these with the jewelry you want to buy. 


      Piercing  Staff strength  rod length Diameter
      Ear piercing/Praise 1,2-2 mm  8 mm 5-14 mm
      Helix / Tragus 0,8-1,2 mm 6-8 mm 8-10 mm
      Daith piercing 1,6 mm 10 mm 10-12 mm
      Conch piercing 1,6 mm 10 mm 10-12 mm
      Industrial piercing 1,6 mm 30-50 mm -

      nose piercing

      0,8-1,2 mm

      6-8 mm

      6-11 mm

      Septum 1,2 mm - 8 mm
      Eyebrow piercing  1,2 mm 8-10 mm 8-10 mm
      Tongue Piercing  1,6 mm 16 mm -
      Lip piercing 1,2 mm 8 mm 6-8 mm
      Nipple Piercing 1,6 mm 12-16 mm 12-16 mm
      Belly Button  1,6 mm 6-12 mm 8-12 mm
      Intimate piercing 1,6-3 mm 10-18 mm 10 mm
      Cheek piercing  1,6 mm 16-18 mm -


      We hope you enjoyed our piercing excursion and that it was helpful. If you still have any questions about piercing types or jewelry, you can contact us at any time. 

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