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Piercinginspiration - Welcome to the world of piercings

The founder of Piercinginspiration Has had a great passion for great jewelry since her youth. However, she had the same problem as many other piercing fans: The range of piercings is so large and extensive that it is a huge challenge to find the perfect piercing.

In 2015, the “Pircinginspiration” page was launched on the Instagram social network to create a platform for piercing lovers on which they can find the necessary inspiration for their next piece of jewelry. However, the numerous ideas and inspirations should of course also be able to be implemented - but where are really great piercings actually available?

In order to be able to provide the answer to this question ourselves, the online shop Piercingsinspiration was launched in 2019. All piercings that can be found on the popular Instagram page can be conveniently purchased in the shop.

Passion piercings - where does the enthusiasm come from?

Piercing has been widespread in the western world for many centuries. However, in these times this fad was mainly reserved for the aristocratic circle. Until the 70s, only ear lobe piercing was common among the general public. Translated, the term piercing means something like "pierce" or "pierce".

In the early 1990s, the punk scene in particular contributed to the fact that it became more and more socially acceptable to equip very different regions of the body with great pieces of jewelry. Since then, piercings have become an indispensable part of everyday life and for good reason! After all, they are a great way to express your own personality and to support your individual style.

Like the world of fashion, the world of piercing is constantly subject to new trends. Eyebrow piercings, Tongue piercings and Belly button piercings enjoyed particularly great popularity in the 90s, for example, today they are Septum piercings and Tragus piercings particularly sought after.

Wide range of piercings and body jewelry at Piercinginspiration

In the varied range of Piercinginspiration Lovers of great body jewelry will find everything their heart desires. If Ear piercings, the classic Barbell and bar piercings, Nose piercings or the practical ones Clicker piercingsthat can be opened and closed with just one movement.

This means that the right piercing can always be found for all areas of the body. Many of the piercings can also be used very flexibly at different piercing points.

In addition, offers Piercinginspiration also practical Piercing accessories if, for example, only a new ball or a new rod is needed for a piercing.

Regardless of which style is personally preferred, Piercinginspiration offers the right piercings for all styles, whether subtle and reserved, romantic, playful or flashy and extravagant. Nipple piercings and Nipple rings also give intimate moments that certain something.

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