Crystal Cubic Labret piercinginspiration®

Crystal Cubic Labret piercinginspiration®

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The cubic crystal labret is from our popular 316L Surgical Steel made. The body jewelery is like all Basics of the Steel Line easily sterilizable and kind to the skinThe rod length is 6 mm and the Thickness 1,2 mm. In addition, this piercing stings with his 3 mm small Crystal out!

This piercing can be worn, for example, as a tragus, lip piercing, ear plug, conch, helix, forward helix, lobe, nose stud, medusa and nostril. 

All piercings of piercinginspiration are also available with a sweet jewelery box.

The delivery time is 1 -2 working days.

Crystal Cubic Labret


Steel line


Stainless steel

Staff strength

1,2 mm / 16g

rod length

6 mm / 1 / 4"

Body site

Lips, ear, nose

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