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Crystal Round Ear Piercing piercinginspiration®

Crystal Round Ear Piercing piercinginspiration®

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This crystal ear piercing is from our popular 316L Surgical Steel manufactured. In addition, this piercing stands out with its round 3 mm great Crystal. rod length is 6 mm and the Thickness 1.2 mm

The body jewelery is like all Basics of the Steel Line easily sterilizable and kind to the skin.

This piercing is wearable as a tragus, conch, stud, helix, forward helix, lobe, barbell. With the 6mm length it is perfect as a tragus. 

All piercings of piercinginspiration are also available with a sweet jewelery box.

The delivery period is 2 - 4 business days.

Crystal Round Ear Piercing


Steel line


Stainless steel

Staff strength

1,2 mm / 16g

rod length

6 mm / 1 / 4 "

Body site


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