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Septum Clicker - Simple and Safe

Many piercing wearers feel the onset of their hip Septum piercings as problematic and complicated. The practical septum clickers are the perfect solution to this problem.

This Piercings have a very comfortable click fastener, which ensures that the piercing can be easily inserted into the hole in the nasal septum. In the first step, the clasp simply has to be opened and the rod of the piece of jewelery passed through the puncture channel. The piercing can then be securely closed with a simple click.

With the septum clickers it is no longer necessary to laboriously insert small clamping rings and segment rings into the septum piercing hole. There is also no reason to fear that the piercing closure will be lost when you blow your nose, for example.

Striking decorations, filigree details and a simple design

The practical septum piercings are available in an extremely large selection of different designs. For example, septum clickers, which are characterized by eye-catching decorations, are particularly popular.

Therefore, it is not that easy to choose between sparkling crystal stones, filigree decorations and beautiful ornaments. But even those who prefer more classic and subtle styles are sure to find their new favorite model in the extensive range of septum clickers.

Rose gold, gold, silver or colored - septum clickers for every taste

The septum clicker piercings in the color nuances of rose gold and gold are currently particularly popular. These are available both in unadorned, simple designs, which are characterized by unsurpassed elegance, as well as in more extravagant variations, which give a lot of space to ideally underline your own personality.

The septum clickers are not only for piercing the nasal septum, but also for Lobe, forward helix, Helix, Ear Ring, Conch, Tragus, nose piercing, Daith, Nostril, smiley and lips ideally suited and therefore extremely versatile. 

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