Piercing against migraines, stress and obesity

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Most people probably opt for a piercing in order to benefit from the aesthetic effect of the popular body jewelry. In addition, piercings also symbolize an individual lifestyle and have meanwhile also arrived in the middle of society.

Reports about the positive side effects on the health of special people have been accumulating for some time Piercings inform. This topic is of course extremely exciting, but it is also controversial. The following article clarifies whether health and general well-being can actually be improved by a piercing.

Relieve migraines thanks to Daith Piercing

The ordeal of people who suffer from severe migraine attacks is usually extremely difficult and long. If the throbbing, stabbing and throbbing pain occurs frequently, painkillers and long-term treatment by a specialist can hardly be dispensed with. However, in many cases the suffering can only be alleviated for a short period of time, and painkillers often have side effects that are not to be despised - especially with long-term use. 

In recent years, however, so-called “migraine piercing” has been reported more and more frequently. Numerous sufferers confirm that their pain has been significantly alleviated or that the migraine has even stopped occurring since they started using a migraine Daith piercing feature. However, this phenomenon has not yet been proven in scientific studies. The majority of conventional doctors assume that migraine piercing can hardly lead to the desired improvements. 

The discovery that daith piercing could possibly be used for migraines was pure coincidence. The beautiful piece of jewelery was used primarily for aesthetic purposes, but those affected soon noticed that their migraine suffering was significantly reduced or in some cases even stopped altogether. In order to check this thesis, several tests have already been carried out - in one of them there was even only one person affected who could not detect any changes as a result of the migraine piercing. However, the majority of test participants reported a significant improvement in their condition and that they were able to regain a large part of their quality of life thanks to the piercing. 

Shen Men piercing for stress and depression

Today, there are more and more people suffering from depression and chronic stress. The reasons for this are, for example, the growing pressure to perform, massive fear of the future, problems at work or private, emotionally challenging circumstances. 

In this context, however, the Shen Men piercing is mentioned again and again. This is said to have a supportive effect on relaxing the body and helping to restore balance in the soul. 

Lose weight more easily with tragus piercing

The modern lifestyle also means that the majority of people eat an unbalanced diet, exercise too little and thus maintain a lifestyle that is to be rated as unhealthy. One of the most common consequences of this is obesity. 

But a special piercing should also be able to help against this problem, namely this Tragus piercing. This should have a positive impact on weight loss. However, in this context it should be pointed out right away that no miraculous weight loss effect should be expected from the piercing alone. 

Those who are serious about losing their excess pounds cannot avoid making permanent and comprehensive changes to their diet and ensuring adequate physical exercise. However, some reports actually indicate that the dreaded food cravings can be reduced by the tragus piercing and that sweet sins are no longer too attractive to those wanting to lose weight. 

The effect of piercing at specific acupuncture points

The basis of the assumption that mind and body could be positively influenced by a piercing is to be prescribed in the areas of acupressure and acupuncture. For many years, the methods from the field of TCM, traditional Chinese medicine, have been traded as a serious alternative to conventional medicine. 

In the context of acupuncture, special energy points are stimulated, which are distributed over the entire body on the meridians. Very fine needles are used for this. The aim of acupuncture is to dissolve energetic blockages so that the energies can flow unhindered again. The assumptions about the effects of tragus, Shen Men and migraine piercing are also based on this principle. These piercings are finally stung exactly at the acupuncture points of the ear. 

Of course, the piercings not only stimulate the energy points for a limited time, as in the context of acupuncture, but a permanent one - after all, the piercing jewelry remains in the body. With these piercings, the modern zeitgeist meets the methods of traditional Chinese medicine. 

Select a competent piercer

Those who are thinking about having a piercing used for medical purposes should not fail to have a clarifying and detailed discussion with their piercer beforehand. The alternative healing methods or the respective acupuncture points are not yet known to all piercers. 

In order to achieve the desired medical effect, however, it is of immense importance that the piercing takes place at the exact acupuncture point. For example, a correctly performed migraine piercing is located directly on the zero point, which is above the ear opening at the crease of the cartilage. A rough estimate of this point is by no means sufficient, so that an exact measurement cannot be dispensed with. 

The same conditions must also be met with the Shen Men piercing, the energy point of which is in the auricle. The tragus piercing, on the other hand, is to be pierced at the energy point, which can be found on the cartilage of the auditory entrance. However, qualified and experienced piercers are able to correctly measure the energy points mentioned and then carry out the piercing accurately. 

Are piercings really the solution to everyone's ailments?

All those affected should be aware that there can never be one ultimate solution to depression, obesity or migraines. There is therefore no guarantee that the desired positive effects will actually occur through a piercing at the special acupuncture points. 

However, positive reports from those affected have increased over the past few years, which is why there is every reason to be confident. In order to supplement classical medicine or to find an attractive alternative to it, the special piercings are therefore a good idea. 

Nevertheless, the suffering and the conditions are extremely individual for each person. For this reason, not all ears are equally suitable for every piercing. In particular, the daith piercing cannot be used on all piercing willing people, because the small crease of the ear must be sufficiently pronounced. The piercer must first analyze and measure accordingly whether it is possible to precisely set the daith piercing to the zero point. 

Effect of piercings doubted by conventional medicine

It is not particularly surprising that the effectiveness of piercings against the respective ailments is doubted by many conventional doctors. However, the alternative healing methods are often fundamentally rejected by specialists, so that they continue to prefer the prescription of appropriate medication. 

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the quality of life of many of those affected has been significantly increased by the piercings. Nevertheless, the controversial discussions in this context do not stop. However, this can be attributed primarily to the fact that different therapies and healing approaches are controversial. Scientific studies have not yet been able to prove that the assumed effect actually comes from the piercings. However, it would also be a mistake to attribute the large number of positive patient reports exclusively to the placebo effect. 

Rather, the focus should be on the question of whether such a piercing poses any health risks. The answer to this question is without a doubt that the risks of a tragus, shen men or daith piercing are generally no higher than those of other piercings. It is therefore always possible to identify some factors that can disrupt or prolong the healing process. However, there is no reason to fear that the risk of swelling, inflammation or other complications will increase if the piercing is pierced at one of the special acupuncture points.

For this reason, it is definitely worth trying out the piercing once - after all, ideally, the suffering will actually subside noticeably. The worst that can happen is that the symptoms don't improve. In this case, however, the piercing is still an aesthetic and trendy piece of jewellery. 

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